Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Awesome day quotes

Failure and success is all in the mind,
There are no different things or kind,
Do your best you can in life,
Than only you can suffice,
The race of life,
Keep smiling this day,
Have a real awesome day!

2) Every morning is new,
It's like those drops of dew,
New choice and new ways to choose,
So, let go of all your blues,
Keep smiling for the day,
Have a lovely day,
Good day!

3)Start your day on one positive thought,
Tough would be things to sought,
Be positive and time will flow,
You will get that glow,
Of life forever,
Have a lovely day,
Good day!

Good day quotes

A new beginning is what a new day is about,
Everything looks awesome,
There is no doubt,
Because new day brings lots of cheer,
So, here is wishing you a new hope my dear,
Have a very good day!

2) Every new day is filled with pride,
You need to achieve that in your stride,
Make the day the most wonderful you can,
Then everything will fall in plan,
Have a lovely day ahead,
Good day!

3) Life is like the sunrise,
Each day gives you a new hope and desire,
May this day you shine so bright,
May you reach more higher,
Keep smiling on this day,
Have a wonderful day,
Good day!

4)All the things look fresh in the morning,
Keep your mind also fresh,
Bask in the glory of this new day,
Make the most of your time and day,
Have an awesome day,
Good day!

Lovely day quotes

From the mornings first very light,
To the night's last distant star,
You should never forget that,
How special you really are,
Have a lovely day,
Good day!

2) Everything in life is new for you,
Because it's a start of a wonderful day,
Do what you really wish for today,
Be ahead and have your say,
Good morning my dear,
Have a good day!

3) A gift of life that is to adore,
Be strong and take it to the core,
Coz each day is not the same,
Even permanent is not the fame,
Have a lovely day today,
Wish you have a great day,
Good day!

4)If your heart is clear,
Then you shall achieve everything in life,
So, what if there is little strive?
After every dark cloud there is sunshine,
So, keep smiling and have a nice day,
Wish you have a good day!

Great day quotes

Dreams can be fulfilled in life,
Only if you make an effort to fulfill them,
So, strive hard and you shall be there,
Have an awesome day ahead!

2) Life is a mix of pain and smile,
All the way and while,
It's a mix of raindrops and tears,
Also let go of all your fears,
To stay happy,
Have a lovely day ahead!

3) You are truly one of a kind,
So, be yourself and don't mind,
Because you are the best in everything,
Rise and shine like the bling,
Have a good day!

4)It is important to let go of things in life,
Important to move ahead,
So, keep smiling all the time,
That is enough said,
Have a lovely day,
Wish you a good day!

Nice day quotes

Yesterday is gone, don't think about it,
Live in present and do your bit,
Coz life will not remain the same forever,
It's always now or never,
Good day to you!

2) Say thanks in the morning for a lovely day,
You know you can do so much today,
So, always be grateful in life,
Through all the strive,
A very good day to you!

3) Life is like a mirror,
What you do today will reflect in your work tomorrow,
So, always be good in life and keep smiling,
Good day,
Have a nice day!

4)Always try to remain happy in life,
Because once you get addicted,
You won't be able to leave the state soon,
So, keep smiling,
Rise and shine..Good morning,
Have a nice day!

Lovely day quotes

Leave all your doubts behind,
Leave all your fears,
Coz today is a new day,
So, make a plan,
And have your say,
You can do it now and today,
Have a good day!

2) Smile because the day is so bright,
Smile because you will get it right,
It's a new day so keep smiling my dear,
Let go of your stress and fear,
Have a lovely day!

3) A new day brings in lots of expectations,
It's you, who have to convert those expectations,
Into reality,
How will you do it?
With your will power and confidence,
Have an awesome day ahead,
Keep smiling!

4)Renew your mind with a positive start,
Coz it's a new day today,
With lots of new hopes and dreams,
Start your day,
Stay blessed and have a good day!

Good day quotes

Count your blessings each day,
Because each day brings a new hope,
It brings for you a new scope,
To excel in life,
So have a bright day today,
Have a good day!

2) Early in the day,
Remind yourself today,
That the day is so new,
The day is just for you,
So that you excel in everything you do,
Have a super day ahead!

3) Be ready to face every challenge in life,
Because you will learn something from it,
Don't think what will happen in future,
Just do your bit,
Have an awesome day ahead,
Keep smiling!

3) Every great day starts with a simple thought in mind,
Every day starts with a smile,
So, start your day all new,
Like the fresh morning dew,
Keep smiling and blessed,
Have a good day!

Have a great day quote

1)Do your best you can in life,
And rest will follow through,
Do you best you can in life,
Whether old or new,
You will find your way one day,
Let that day be today,
Have a nice day!

2) Be yourself as you start this day so new,
You won't really have the clue,
But, give your best shot in whatever you do,
Have a lovely day ahead!

2) Move ahead and never look behind,
Because life gives you a chance to unwind,
For now, give your best in whatever you do,
Everything will be great and new,
Good day!

3) Never underestimate the power of your belief,
If you believe that you will achieve all your goals,
Then start your day with the same belief,
You shall achieve it with ease,
Have a lovely day ahead,
Keep smiling!

Nice good day quotes

Try to keep your words soft and sweet,
Coz words play the real base of life,
So, always be a little wise,
Have a lovely day ahead,
Good day!

2) Yesterday can't come back,
And future you don't know,
So, the only thing to show,
Is now and how,
Have a lovely day ahead!

3) If you work hard,
You won't need to chase success in life,
Because success will chase you then,
Start your day on a good note,
Have a lovely day!

4)It is important to smile on this day so new,
Because you also look lovely too,
So, start your day with your beautiful smile,
All the time and every while,
Have a good day ahead!

Good day quotes

1)Life is like a book,
Each day you have to write a new chapter,
So, make that positive,
Have an awesome day!

2) Night is gone and so is dark,
Coz today is the new day so bright,
With a spark,
Make the most of this day,
As it's a new day
Have a lovely day!

3) Be confident and turn to your direction in life,
What if there is little to strive,
You will surely reach your goal,
When you will play your role,
Have a nice day!

4)Everything would not be worthy of your time,
But, everything is surely worthy of your try,
So, give your best shot,
Have a lovely day ahead!