Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Quotes for her

1)The first person I remember in the morning is you,
May you have a bright smile on this lovely day so new,
Have a great day,
With a smile and all the while!

2) The first thing in my mind,
When I think about you,
It's you my love,
On this day so new,
I want to wish you too,
That you have an awesome day ahead,
That is lovely too!

3 ) It's time to get up my sleepy head,
It's time for another new day,
So, go out there with a smile,
And have a lovely day,
I love you a lot dear,
Wish you were near!

4) As I welcomed this new day with a smile,
I also thought about you and while,
So, here is wishing you a lovely day ahead,
With lots of wishes and hugs,
I love you a lot,
Have a good day!

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