Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Quotes for girl friend

Great attitude starts with a great day
It starts with having your say
My pretty girl start your day with a smile
For every way and while
Wish you a good day!

2)When you know you are positive
When you know your goal is clear
A person like you is also rear
So have an amazing day my dear
Wish you a good day with cheer!

3) This message is to remind you that you are pretty
You are intelligent and you are so awesome
Start your day with a smile on your face
Coz you have that loving grace
Wish you a good day
Have an amazing day!

4)I am sending you to wish you an amazing day
So that your day be so bright for you
So that you do everything you want to
Wishing you the best of everything
Wish you have a good day!
Keep smiling all the way!

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