Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Nice day quotes

Yesterday is gone, don't think about it,
Live in present and do your bit,
Coz life will not remain the same forever,
It's always now or never,
Good day to you!

2) Say thanks in the morning for a lovely day,
You know you can do so much today,
So, always be grateful in life,
Through all the strive,
A very good day to you!

3) Life is like a mirror,
What you do today will reflect in your work tomorrow,
So, always be good in life and keep smiling,
Good day,
Have a nice day!

4)Always try to remain happy in life,
Because once you get addicted,
You won't be able to leave the state soon,
So, keep smiling,
Rise and shine..Good morning,
Have a nice day!

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