Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Nice day quotes for him

Do you know what?
Before you came in my life, my life was good,
But, after you, it has become awesome,
So, a touch wood,
I so love you,
Have a great day ahead,
Stay blessed my love!

2) Just another day it is,
Just another time,
But just wanted to message you,
To say that you are mine,
I love you so much
Have a super awesome day!

3) I don't think you are at fault,
I don't think it's me,
It's the fault of our love,
It's the thing of destiny,
Coz I miss you so much,
Coz I love you so much,
Have a great day ahead!
My love!

4)The day is new and the feel is new,
Everything is fresh like the dew,
So, wanted to wish you a perfect day ahead,
Coz I so love you,
Have a good day ahead,
Keep smiling!

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