Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Lovely day quotes

From the mornings first very light,
To the night's last distant star,
You should never forget that,
How special you really are,
Have a lovely day,
Good day!

2) Everything in life is new for you,
Because it's a start of a wonderful day,
Do what you really wish for today,
Be ahead and have your say,
Good morning my dear,
Have a good day!

3) A gift of life that is to adore,
Be strong and take it to the core,
Coz each day is not the same,
Even permanent is not the fame,
Have a lovely day today,
Wish you have a great day,
Good day!

4)If your heart is clear,
Then you shall achieve everything in life,
So, what if there is little strive?
After every dark cloud there is sunshine,
So, keep smiling and have a nice day,
Wish you have a good day!

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