Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Lovely day quotes

Leave all your doubts behind,
Leave all your fears,
Coz today is a new day,
So, make a plan,
And have your say,
You can do it now and today,
Have a good day!

2) Smile because the day is so bright,
Smile because you will get it right,
It's a new day so keep smiling my dear,
Let go of your stress and fear,
Have a lovely day!

3) A new day brings in lots of expectations,
It's you, who have to convert those expectations,
Into reality,
How will you do it?
With your will power and confidence,
Have an awesome day ahead,
Keep smiling!

4)Renew your mind with a positive start,
Coz it's a new day today,
With lots of new hopes and dreams,
Start your day,
Stay blessed and have a good day!

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