Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Have a great day quote

1)Do your best you can in life,
And rest will follow through,
Do you best you can in life,
Whether old or new,
You will find your way one day,
Let that day be today,
Have a nice day!

2) Be yourself as you start this day so new,
You won't really have the clue,
But, give your best shot in whatever you do,
Have a lovely day ahead!

2) Move ahead and never look behind,
Because life gives you a chance to unwind,
For now, give your best in whatever you do,
Everything will be great and new,
Good day!

3) Never underestimate the power of your belief,
If you believe that you will achieve all your goals,
Then start your day with the same belief,
You shall achieve it with ease,
Have a lovely day ahead,
Keep smiling!

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