Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Great day quotes

Dreams can be fulfilled in life,
Only if you make an effort to fulfill them,
So, strive hard and you shall be there,
Have an awesome day ahead!

2) Life is a mix of pain and smile,
All the way and while,
It's a mix of raindrops and tears,
Also let go of all your fears,
To stay happy,
Have a lovely day ahead!

3) You are truly one of a kind,
So, be yourself and don't mind,
Because you are the best in everything,
Rise and shine like the bling,
Have a good day!

4)It is important to let go of things in life,
Important to move ahead,
So, keep smiling all the time,
That is enough said,
Have a lovely day,
Wish you a good day!

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