Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Great day quotes for boyfriend

A new day brings in new things to see
A new day also brings new light to see
There are new ways to perceive
And new directions to change
So on this lovely day
I just want to wish you good day!

2) Embrace this lovely day with a smile
For all the way and all the while
For a new day brings a new cheer in life
Make you think otherwise
On this lovely day so new
I wish you have a good day!

3) On this new day
I just want to wish you a new way
May you go out there and have a lovely day
With a smile on your handsome face
With your wonderful grace
Have a good day!

4)A good day is all about the good cheer
And good vibe that you have
So spend your day with a good cheer
As I wish that you have a wonderful day
And you have a good day
May your day be bright!

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