Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Good day quotes

The mornings are for smile,
The mornings are full of life,
So, on this bright morning today,
I just wish you have a lovely day,
Have a great day dear,
I love you a lot,
You stay in my every thought!

2) No need of flowers because the day is so fresh,
No need of brightness, because your smile is enough,
On this super duper day,
Let me say,
Have an awesome day honey,
I miss you and I love you!

3)I Am so lucky that I have you in my life,
I am so lucky that you are mine,
On this new day all bright,
I just want to wish you,
You have an amazing day,
I love you sweetie!

4)The first thing in the morning,
When I think about you,
Because I love you so much,
And because I miss you,
Have a lovely day my love,
Full of surprises and fun!

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