Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Good day quotes

Count your blessings each day,
Because each day brings a new hope,
It brings for you a new scope,
To excel in life,
So have a bright day today,
Have a good day!

2) Early in the day,
Remind yourself today,
That the day is so new,
The day is just for you,
So that you excel in everything you do,
Have a super day ahead!

3) Be ready to face every challenge in life,
Because you will learn something from it,
Don't think what will happen in future,
Just do your bit,
Have an awesome day ahead,
Keep smiling!

3) Every great day starts with a simple thought in mind,
Every day starts with a smile,
So, start your day all new,
Like the fresh morning dew,
Keep smiling and blessed,
Have a good day!

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