Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Good day quotes for sweet heart

You are your own source of motivation
You have that confidence to get going
You have a strong persona and say
So be as you are and find your way
You will have a good time come what may
Wish you a good day!

2) This day is a new change for you to make your day
To cash on your opportunities for today
So give your best shot in life
My dear I know you can very well suffice
Have an amazing day!
Have a good day!

3) A good day starts with one positive thought
A good day starts with some good things in mind
May you have a crazy day
A day which is one of a kind
Wishing you an amazing time
Have a good day!

4) A new day brings a new hope in life
A hope to do something special
A hope to find a new way
I just want to wish you the most amazing day
Have a good day!

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