Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Good day quotes for girl friend

Thinking about you I can't help,
Can't stay without you now,
I may not have answers to why and how,
But, I truly love you,
Have an amazing day ahead!

2) Want to remember you today,
And, I wish you have an amazing day,
Coz it's a new day dear,
Wish you were near,
Have a lovely day ahead!

3) My love I miss you all day,
But at the start of this lovely day,
I am missing you more,
Just wanted to wish with a smile,
Have a lovely day my love,
All the way and while!

4)Hugs and kisses only for you,
To make your day so bright,
Coz things will be good today,
Everything will be alright,
Wish you have a lovely day my sweet pie!

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